Meet Emily


I'm a portraiture photographer, I take pictures of people.

I was born in Greenville, grew up in Charleston, married a boy from Columbia, and now reside in Myrtle Beach, so I'm a Carolina girl through and through, but I also love to travel so I can be inspired by experiences all over the world. I got my Bachelor of Arts in Art Studio from Coastal Carolina University. While studying there I was lucky enough to participate in creating the visuals for many publications around campus, as well as work for the university, photographing athletics, student life, formal events, renowned speakers, and productions from the performing arts departments. All of this experience gives me the confidence and skill to create the unique images I am now known for. 

When I photograph, I want to show the stunning beauty, strength, grace, and enthusiasm of people. I love to focus on photographing regular people and place them in situations that highlight an important part of their personality. My images tell you more about the person than just what they look like!. 

I'm based in Myrtle Beach, but often travel for projects all around the state, and am always willing to go further if your needs require it! I've photographed in many places around the USA, as well as in the UK, France, Mexico, and the Bahamas. I'm always looking to add to that list! 

For me, the ideal photograph captures the convergence of light, moment, and composition. When it all comes together, nothing could be more beautiful.